History - DJ Stevie G

dj-stevie-gMy journey as a dj started off on the Jungle techno scene (rave music before it split into hardcore and d'n'b). I used to buy tape packs of all the big raves and listen to them at work and everywhere i went. Back then i was hypnotized by music. There was one stand out dj for me, one dj that would slam, chop, scratch, chop, cut, and played a more versatile style than the others ... Carl Cox. He was my inspiration to start mixing music.

When the rave scene was commercialized around 93 i started buying my favorite tunes on vinyl, In particular i would buy any tunes i heard carl cox play. Shortly after i got some turntables and started to learn how to mix. I would practice in my bedroom for hours on end with just 2 tracks, trying to perfect a mix (who said dj's aren't geeks ?). Before i knew it i was selling my mixtapes, sending them to reps at a local underground club called Die Hard in leicester and Bounce in Sheffield.

I played at Bounce at the age of 16 and the experience of djing to a crowd blew me away.

At that point in my life i realized i was going to be a dj for a long time.

The Peak of Dance Music


I moved to cornwall when i was 17, Still hungry for wanting to be a pro Dj i got my first break in cornwall at Strawberry fields in Hayle, They used to do a Sunday session where people could just turn up and play. A friend of mine nathan had a friend that Dj'd at the Penmere in Hayle. It was at the penmere where i met Paul Blee. Paul saw my potential right away and invited me to do guest spots and warm ups for him. Paul was Djing at clubs all over Cornwall on a regular basis so this was a great opportunity for me and gave me some incredible work experience. By this time i was working at The Zone in Redruth, Insomniacs (now remedies) in Falmouth, and The Loft in Truro. A few years passed and although i was doing what i wanted to do, i was still "the warm up dj" and i wanted to do my own thing. I moved on and got some of my own gig's, Club Zeus in Hayle (Previously Strawberry fields), and The Flamingo in St Ives (Previously The Shire) where the two underground clubs in Cornwall and were dance music clubs (as opposed to commercial clubs). These were fun times and although the clubs were busy every weekend they were destined to fail. The owners of both clubs were heavily into drugs and would frequently use whilst in charge. This was common knowledge and both clubs closed around the same time. It was also around this time that Paul and i would do Monday nights upstairs @ L2. This was when dance music was at it's peak and Paul's experience with my mixing skills and massive record collection we put on the best dance night anywhere in Cornwall !

Club 2k in the JungleBy this time i had gained a pretty good rep as a dance dj in Cornwall but was starting to lose faith in my underground roots and realized if i wanted to Dj in Cornwall i needed to cheese it up ! Hello Barn club ! Though my time at the barn was pretty short lived, but i gained an important skill.... Learning how to use a mic.

As a dance dj the thought of even touching a mic never entered my head but it was time to step up my game. Like most people i was terrified of using the mic, it took a while to get used to hearing my voice loud in a club and connecting with the crowd. However, this is an important part of my show these days and would never Dj without a mic.

The New Millennium

I then moved on to Club 2000 (Club2k) in Penzance where i quickly became resident of their flagship Friday night. This was a massive change for me, i was drawing inspiration from other commercial club dj's such as Paul and Garry Roberts, but i was using my mixing skills and wider range of music to reach out to my cowds at 2k. I would literally play a bit of everything ! Based on the current chart, and BIG dance tunes, with all kinds of hip hop and drum'n'Bass and electro and old time party classics off thrown into my mixing blender and set to smash ! This is pretty common these days with Dj's using the terms like mash up etc. 2k was the first place i settled down as a dj, i had a packed crowd every week and started to take on more roles such as events coordinator, designer and promoter.
I would also host and dj a weekly metal night at 2k called Elemental. The night became a BIG success around the peak of new metal with bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park in the charts. Growing up i was never into Rock or Metal but found myself loving the energy and excitement. I even ended up in a moshpit on a regular basis ! I also ran a Hip hop night at 2k Called "Dynamite - Live explosive hip hop". Dynamite had incredible impact in Cornwall. We would have the cream of the crop of american touring Hip hop artists such as Guru, Gza, KRS ONE, Ugly Duckling, People under the stairs as well as British artists such as Skinnyman, Blade, Jehst, . During this time i hosted some student nights at Tall Trees in Newquay for one summer before it closed. I gained lots of experience at 2k, Dj ing on Under 18's nights, Student nights, Rock nights, Drum'n'Bass nights, Private parties, Hosting events such as Lucy Pinders babes on the bed tour and many others.

Moving on ...

stevie-gI left 2k at the end of 2008 and quickly became involved in Cornwalls Biggest Club night's. Tranz@ction events at L2. There i hosted the Commercial room supporting the likes of N-Dubs, Ironic and Kenzie from Blazing squad (actually quite a good Dj). I also hosted the relaunch of the upstairs room at L2 on Mondays with Hip hop and urban flavours and smashed it through the summer of 2009 Supporting the likes of SHY FX, J Majik, TC & Jakes and Howard Marks (The Famous drugs dealer).

Around the same time as i joined L2 on Mondays i moved to St Austell and before i knew it i was manning the decks of Puls8 (The Club) on Friday & Saturday nights.

2009 - 2015 I hosted Falmouth Music week in Events Square Falmouth. Every night being a sell out event, Djing to 2,000 people a night, supporting the likes of Professor Green, Tinchy Stryder, N-Dubs and The Worzells. This was a massive buzz, especially as lots of Cornish clubs are struggling to attract people, and clubs are usually half full at best. To play to this many people gave me a much needed boost.

2010 I Started a Bi-weekly Thursday night residency at The Zone Redruth. On rotation every 2 weeks with DJ Heller. Playing at the Zone is such an honour as it is Cornwalls longest standing nightclub with a great rep for a good night out.

2010 - 2012 i Played a number of nights at Berties in newquay and supported a few celebrity DJ's Danny Dyer & Mario from TOWIE. In 2010 i became resident Dj For Cornwall's biggest Student night UV on Tap. Every event at the Zone Redruth being a sell out and making history ! (UV on Tap promotions are no longer together but the 16+ student nights still contine to be a smash EVERY TIME!)

2013 Stevie G is back at L2 !! Every Saturday in the main room doing what i do best, Rocking the Cornish crowds with mainstream chart & dance music.

2015 I became resident at Salt in Newquay playing most nights of the week in the summer to a packed out club as well as under 18's events and the notorios "Newquays biggest bar crawl". The club forst down after the summer which was a huge shame as it was the best club in Newquay at the time.

2016 I Joined Vanilla in Truro on Friday nights which was a fantastic small / intimate venue and without a doubt the top club anywhere in Cornwall on a Friday ! I stayed as resident at vanilla until my last night in Cornwall and will miss the place and the crowd dearly.

Also in 2016 i started a residency at Wetherspoons in St Austell playing a mix of old and new commercial music all night. Was always a good crowd in there and it was known as the best pre club venue in town.

Welcome to Bristol ...

2018 i moved to Bristol and i'm looking for the next chapter in my DJ career.

Watch this space for more to come, it doesn't end here !